"Shining the light of education in the darkness of illiteracy"

2021 04 17 Gallery View

Read about the fascinating webinar on 17th April that delved in the role of girls' education in promoting peace and development in South Sudan.


Steps for South Sudan

2020 Steps Map M

Join us for our virtual walk from Coventry (our HQ) to Ibba, Steps for South Sudan. Our 8,494 kilometre trek will take us through some stunning landscapes while raising money for Ibba Girls' School.


The Flickering Lamp

Nightingale extd photocard

FIGS Trustee, Margaret Eddershaw, writes about her upcoming video of poems celebrating Florence Nightingale, in support of health care provision at Ibba Girls' Boarding School.


South Sudanese Independence and Politics


Marking the anniversary of South Sudan's independence, Mark Simmons (FIGS CEO) looks back on the journey of the country and considers how things are now - looking forward with hope.


World Health Day and Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update


CEO, Mark Simmons, provides an update to our supporters on World Health Day 2020 and extends a special thank you to the school's nurse, Regina


Celebrating International Women's Day with Nagomoro Bridget


To celebrate International Women's Day, 2020, we spoke with Nagomoro Bridget, the Founding Chair of Ibba Girls' School to find out more about her.


World Day of Social Justice - Can South Sudan let the Gini out of the bottle?

IGBS grounds

To mark World Day of Social Justice, 2020, CEO of Friends of Ibba Girls' School, Mark Simmons, reflects on the political developments in the country


Prospects, Principles and Potential

2020 GEAR extd

FIGS Chair of Trustees, John, with FIGS Trustee, Jean, and IGBS Founding Chair, Bridget, discusses a recent visit to South Sudan.


Ibba Girls’ School Developmental Review 2019


Every year, a team of volunteers from Friends of Ibba Girls' School (FIGS) and Ibba Girls' Boarding School staff conduct a developmental review of the School. FIGS trustee Professor Jean Hartley has led the review team every year and reflects below on the findings this year.


Universal Human Rights Day 2019

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FIGS CEO, Mark Simmons, discusses the reputation and importance of Human Rights.


Universal Children's Day 2019

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60 years ago today, on the fifth Universal Children’s Day in 1959, the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. 30 years later, on 20 November 1989, it adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


International Day of the Girl Child

2019 08 classroom

Today is International Day of the Girl Child, and FIGS CEO Mark Simmons comments on how far we have come and how far we still have to go in achieving both equality and quality in education in South Sudan.


Capacity Building and Training Visit to IGBS, August 2019

2019 08 MAF Arrival

Julia Sanders, FIGS Trustee and Volunteer, gives a first-hand report of her recent visit to IGBS with Paul.


Paul's Ibba Photo Journal

2019-08 Outdoor Revision

Volunteer, Paul Sanders, shares photographs taken on his recent visit to Ibba Girls' School.


Ibba Girls' School an Oasis of Calm

2019 08 Textbooks

As Term 3 opens at Ibba Girls’ Boarding School, Mark Simmons reflects on his visit to the school last month and the improving prospects for peace in South Sudan.


South Sudan's 8th Birthday

South Sudan independence 2

Mark Simmons marks the anniversary of South Sudan's independence, looking back on the journey so far and looking forward with hope for the future.


Reflections on the European Development Days

2019 06 EDD panel

Mark Simmons recently attended the European Development Days in Brussels - here are some of his reflections.


Postponement, Protest and Politics

Sudanese protestors

Mark Simmons discusses the current political situations in South Sudan and Sudan.


Ibba Girls’ Boarding School Term One Report

2019 05 Senior 1

Report for the end of the first term of Ibba Girls' Boarding School's sixth year.


#BalanceforBetter - A Foundation for Peace


Happy International Women's Day! As we strive towards #BalanceforBetter by empowering the girl students in Ibba, South Sudan, here are some reflections from FIGS CEO, Mark Simmons, on the origins of Women's Day and the importance of education in achieving gender equality.


White Saviours?


FIGS CEO Mark Simmons discusses the recent 'White Saviour' debate and the importance of deliberate collaboration in transformational development work.


Girls' Education and Social Justice


Commemorating International Women’s Day in 2017, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova stated that “we will do justice to the world by promoting girls’ education as the single most powerful transformational force to improve lives and societies”.

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