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Ibba Girls' School has the active support of the local community, including the village elders, tribal chiefs, the churches (Catholic and Episcopal) and the government (at county, state and national levels).

Two formal bodies, constituted under South Sudan law - the Ibba Girls' Boarding School Trustees and the Board of Governors – are responsible for the running of the school.

Friends of Ibba Girls' School (FIGS) has been established in the UK and registered as a charitable trust and company limited by guarantee, to guard the vision, the land and the funding for the school.

While starting up, FIGS depended on a large network of committed professionals who generously gave their time and expertise pro bono. In 2017, FIGS hired its first full-time staff member, Mark Simmons, its Chief Executive, supported by two part-time fundraising and communications experts.


Ibba Girls' Boarding School (IGBS) is registered as a community school to maintain its distinctiveness from church, state and private schools. It teaches the new South Sudan curriculum alongside co-curricular subjects such as drama, personal social and health education, debating and sport.

The founding Constitution of the school was approved and signed at a public meeting in Ibba in June 2014, attended by over 500 people from the local community, county, state and national governments, the Episcopal and Roman Catholic churches, and non-governmental institutions (NGOs).

The South Sudan Trustees

Hon. Pia Philip Michael (Minister Of Education, Gbudwe State)

Bridget Nagomoro (former Commissioner of Ibba County)

Bishop Wilson Kamani (Bishop of Ibba)

Sister Margaret Scott (Principal, Solidarity Teacher Training College, Yambio)

Father Stephen Kumyangi (Roman Catholic Diocese of Tombura)

John Benington (Representing the UK Trustees)

Hon. Sappana Abuyi (Former Deputy Governor, Western Equatoria State)

The Trustees of IGBS have been formed under South Sudan law, with the following 3 main responsibilities:

  • To protect and promote the founding vision and values of IGBS
  • To own and protect the land and buildings for the school
  • To ensure that a well functioning Board of Governors and Head Teacher is in place for the school

The ownership of the land and buildings for Ibba Girls Boarding School is vested in the South Sudan Trustees, in perpetuity, but in the unlikely event of closure of the school, the assets will be transferred to the South Sudanese government.

The Board of Governors

Hon. Sappana Abuyi (Former Deputy Governor, Western Equatoria State)

Bridget Nagomoro (former Commissioner of Ibba County)

Tito Gerusama, (Former Commissioner for Ibba County)

Bishop Wilson Kamani (Bishop of Ibba)

Father Joaquim Oboi (Priest For Ibba County)

Angelo Wairu Paulino (Inspector for Schools, Ibba County)

Marona Saku (Paramount Chief For Ibba County - Governor)

Sister Margaret Scott (Principal, Solidarity Teacher Training College, Yambio)

Anthony Makana Arkangelo (PTA Chairperson IGBS)

Charles Taban Nzakara (Director General Maridi State Ministry of Education, Gender, Child & Social Welfare)

The Board of Governors for IGBS has been formed under South Sudan law. The Board reports to the Trustees on an annual basis and works in partnership with the head-teacher, staff, parents and other stakeholders in governing the school with the following aims:

  • To develop a strategic framework, aims and objectives for the school. The role of the head-teacher and the management team is to implement this agreed strategy.
  • To develop policies, priorities, outcomes and targets for the achievement of the above strategy, aims and objectives
  • To develop and approve the budget
  • To monitor and evaluate whether and how far the above strategy, aims and objectives are being achieved in practice
  • To review the lessons from experience and what needs to be done to improve school performance

Leadership Team

Vicky Ajidiru

Head Teacher

Yoane Kumbonyaki

Director of Studies Primary

Eunice Laker

Director of Studies Secondary

Rita Akelo

Senior Woman Teacher

Anna Joyce Mborifue

Finance Manager


Anthony Kenyi


Drania Joyce Natal


Mark Paul Irra


Uyaka Malimi


Fabiano Kumbawote


The UK Trustees

Emeritus Professor John Benington (Hon Chair)

Gary Bandy (Treasurer)

Cynthia Bower

Margaret Eddershaw

Professor Jean Hartley

Julie Lodrick

Hugh Paget

Julia Sanders

Dame Rosalind Marsden

The UK charity Friends of Ibba Girls School is governed by a distinguished body of UK Trustees which ensures that the funds raised are well-managed and allocated to these main purposes:

  • to build and develop Ibba Girls Boarding School (IGBS) in South Sudan
  • to protect and promote the founding vision and values for the school
  • to ensure that the school is well-led and managed
  • to cultivate good quality teaching and learning, in line with the school's declared ethos.

The UK Trustees of Friends of Ibba Girls School work in close partnership with the South Sudan Trustees and Board of Governors for the school.

FIGS Patrons

Lord Michael Bichard

Baroness Estelle Morris

Margaret Sentamu

School staff

Regina Utua

School nurse

Joyce Charles


Alice Apai Fanuel


Nora Wilson Daniel


Emmanuel Maburuk Wilson


Margaret Titi


Nora Martin


Alfred Justin


Augustino Wilson


Alex Gureva


Peter Keffa

Security Staff

Juma Silman

Security Staff

Yepeta Borote

Security Guard

Micheal Sebit

Security Guard

Simon Elisama


Juliano Mboriidie

Position: Groundsman

Thomas Franco


Lois Aninyasi


Cecilia Michael


Josephine Ngengaanite


Fozia Onesimo


Elizabeth Nambiro


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