Paul's Ibba Photo Journal


Volunteers Paul and Julia Sanders visited Ibba Girls' School this summer. Here Paul describes some of the photographs they took while they were there.

IMG 5209 L

After a breakfast of millet porridge, teachers from IGBS and teachers from schools in Ibba town spent their Saturday morning in a workshop which focused on lesson planning and active vocabulary development. The session was led by volunteers from the UK, who spent a fortnight in the school working with the teachers on improving teaching and learning and school management.

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After waiting two terms without textbooks for the new South Sudan secondary curriculum, FIGS decided to have copies printed independently and taken out from the UK. Now the senior students can enjoy the pleasure of learning supported by the texts as well as their teachers' instruction in the classroom.

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The support staff - cleaners, cooks, grounds and security staff - play a vital role in the running of the school. They are also keen to improve their English skills. Here the support staff work together on the different ways of asking and answering questions.

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After the day’s studies are completed, there is time to engage in a range of sports, from soccer and volleyball to badminton and netball. There is a keen competitive edge, but lots of laughter.

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We have been gifted materials from the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme featuring Biff, Chip and Kipper by author Rod Hunt. This has enabled paired reading to be introduced where Primary 7 students listen to the younger Primary 4 students read and discuss the stories.

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The Turing Trust is an organisation that reconditions redundant laptops donated by businesses and passes them onto schools in the developing world. Thanks to their help, the school now has twenty machines for use in the classroom. As information technology is a key part of the new South Sudan secondary curriculum, these laptops arrived just in time.

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