Tombura-Yambio Bishop dialogues with Ibba Boarding School girls


Tombura-Yambio Catholic Bishop has dialogued with school girls from Ibba Girls Boarding School in Maridi State.


Thought for the week from FIGS new CEO Mark Simmons, at Community of the Cross of Nails


This week Mark Simmons, our new FIGS CEO, writes for Community of the Cross of Nails, where he was connected through his previous role with their UK partner Cord. He is very much still an ongoing partner in the work both of the Reconciliation Team and CCN in the UK.


Nagomoro Bridget's Scholarship Fund

Bridget Nagomoro

As many of you know, the founder of Ibba Girls School, Bridget Nagomoro is currently in the UK studying for her Masters in Development Management with The Open University.


South Sudan needs Marshall-style plan

A South Sudanese child at the Bidibidi refugee camp

The continued conflict and the impending famine in parts of South Sudan (Editorial, 13 March) is indeed in danger of increasing the “sense that the situation is beyond hope or resolution”


John Benington is one of four runners-up for Times/Sternberg Award

FIGS Chair of Trustees John Benington received the Times/Sternberg Active Life runner-up award at 11 Downing Street by Michael Sternberg QC, representing his family foundation. The award was presented, in recognition of his work on setting up Ibba Girls Boarding School.


Linking the North Cotswolds to South Sudan?

Article from John Benington


Stories from our diocese


Education for girls in South Sudan


Gary Bandy features in this months' CIPFA newsletter

FIGS trustee and treasurer, Gary Bandy features in this months' Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK) monthly online newsletter.


Gender pay gap could have been closed by now

John Benington discusses education in the Guardian.


Pencil Power featured in the Metro newpaper

Our new ads feature in the Metro.


Private school links up with newest nation

A COUNTRY where more than a million children do not go to school and the majority of lessons take place under trees may seem like a world away from a private school in York.


Mount School York to help set up South Sudan Girls’ School

The Mount School in York is to help establish a new boarding school in the world’s newest country, South Sudan...


A new Africa is being developed in Milton Keynes


Business boffins in Milton Keynes are working on developing a new model of management development in sub-Saharan Africa...


South Sudan Minister Asks for Help to Bring Education to Girls


Families in South Sudan ask a lot of their daughters. Girls as young as 6 or 7 fully participate in running of the household along with their mothers, doing everyday chores, cooking, cleaning and fetching water...


The Ibba Girls School project: overcoming challenges in the world’s newest country


As the newest country in the world, and emerging from over a quarter-century of civil war, it is fair to say that South Sudan is a country facing many challenges – not least in educating its children. This week, it was heartening to hear how, through determination, co-operation and ambitious vision, one region is meeting those challenges head on.


South Sudan initiative aims to keep young girls in primary school


A UK-backed project in Western Equatoria state seeks to ensure domestic and social factors don't deny girls an education

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