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Trekking across the Sahara Desert in Coventry War Memorial Park

War Memorial Park

Join us at Coventry War Memorial Park on 18 August and 27 August between 15.00 and 19.00 and help us along our virtual trek from Coventry to South Sudan


Happy 6th Birthday to Ibba Girls' School

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Today we celebrate the 6th anniversary of Ibba Girls' School and Nagomoro Bridget's birthday, its Founding Chair


National Thank a Teacher Day

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Today is National Thank a Teacher Day, an opportunity to celebrate teachers, school leaders and school support staff for their amazing work, not only in these challenging times but all year round


CEO update: Covid-19 (6 May)

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CEO, Mark Simmons, provides this week's update for supporters on the situation in South Sudan relating to Covid-19


Join FIGS for the 2.6 challenge!

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We invite you to take part in the 2.6 challenge and raise funds for Friends of Ibba Girls' School this April


FIGS trustee and Professor of Public Leadership receives lifetime achievement award

Jean Hartley

Professor Jean Hartley, trustee of Friends of Ibba Girls' School, recognised with an international lifetime achievement award for her outstanding record of teaching, research and publication on public leadership and management.


CEO update: Covid-19 (22 April)

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CEO, Mark Simmons, provides another regular update on the current situation in South Sudan in relation to Covid-19


CEO update: Covid-19 (15 April)

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Mark Simmons, CEO of Friends of Ibba Girls' School, provides supporters with the latest update on Covid-19


CEO message: COVID-19

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Mark Simmons, CEO of Friends of Ibba Girls' School, provides an update on the current situation in South Sudan in relation to COVID-19.


Celebrating International Women's Day with Nagomoro Bridget


To celebrate International Women's Day, 2020, we spoke with Nagomoro Bridget, the Founding Chair of Ibba Girls' School to find out more about her.


World Day of Social Justice - Can South Sudan let the Gini out of the bottle?

IGBS grounds

To mark World Day of Social Justice, 2020, CEO of Friends of Ibba Girls' School, Mark Simmons, reflects on the political developments in the country


South Sudan's 8th Birthday

South Sudan independence 2

Mark Simmons marks the anniversary of South Sudan's independence, looking back on the journey so far and looking forward with hope for the future.


Four Ongoing Challenges in South Sudan


Even as South Sudan fades from the headlines in the UK, deep-rooted challenges persist and the need for long-term investment in education and development is as critical as ever.


FIGS CEO Mark Simmons reports signs of hope following recent visit to South Sudan


"The sense of optimism and hope on my recent visit to South Sudan was almost tangible..."


Education: a passport for the children of South Sudan

credit Steve Evans

Peace is on the horizon in South Sudan, and quality education is the key to building a stable future. by Ador Riak Nyiel, South Sudan National Education Coalition


FIGS CEO Mark Simmons blogs on South Sudan Independence Day


Read FIGS CEO Mark Simmons' blog post reflecting on the South Sudanese journey to and since independence here.


Today is a day of prayer and fasting for South Sudan


Pope Francis has called for today, Friday 23 February 2018 to be a day of prayer and fasting for South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


'Let your hearts be transformed': Message from Catholic Bishops on day of prayer and fasting for South Sudan


The Catholic Bishops of South Sudan issue a bold statement on the day of prayer and fasting for South Sudan, calling for the killing to stop, for peace to be made, and offering a safe space to facilitate the peace process.


Education cannot wait!

IGBS students waving

In this issue of FIGS February 2018 Newsletter, we celebrate the start of the 5th year of Ibba Girls Boarding School.


Ibba Celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2018


The 11th of February marked the third International Day of Women and Girls in Science. To celebrate, let’s look back at some of the science lessons taught at Ibba Girls School in the last 4 years:


Weaver Birds and Work Permits


Some Notes on Visit to Juba and Ibba in Nov 2017


Pray for peace


Catholic Bishop Leads Nine South Sudanese Governors and Delegates in Peace Conference.


Pope Francis Leads Prayer For Peace In South Sudan And The D. Republic Of Congo


Pope Francis led a special prayer service in St Peter’s Basilica this Thursday 23 November, for the intention of peace in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Independence day celebration at Ibba County Headquarter

IGBS Girls School Singing-2

Warm greetings from us here in Ibba.


"There is something good happening in South Sudan"


Catholic Bishop Taban receives peace and reconciliation award from the Anglican Church


And the darkness has not overcome it...

FIGS May 2017 Newsletter


How factions in South Sudan’s war took shape on British campuses

Riek Machar, South Sudan’s former vice-president

The UK has historical links with both sides of a vicious civil war


South Sudan needs Marshall-style plan

A South Sudanese child at the Bidibidi refugee camp

The continued conflict and the impending famine in parts of South Sudan (Editorial, 13 March) is indeed in danger of increasing the “sense that the situation is beyond hope or resolution”


Responding to the Crisis in South Sudan


FIGS March 2017 Newsletter


S. Sudanese religious leaders meet Pope

Pope Francis receives the flag of South Sudan

The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis on Friday received several Christian religious leaders of war-hit South Sudan.


South Sudan artists paint for peace in Juba


After nearly three years of devastating civil conflict, South Sudanese artists have come together to try and get the country thinking and talking about peace, by launching a public art project in the capital Juba.


Educating girls in South Sudan


Meet the girls who must overcome conflict, hunger, stigma and sexual abuse just to go to school.


Pope's envoy in South Sudan in pursuit of peace-building


Pope Francis has sent a special envoy to South Sudan to urge for an end to violence in the country and to help establish dialogue and trust between the warring parties.


South Sudan Photo Essay: 'I can't see but God is in my eyes'


On the eve of South Sudan's independence, photographer ROBERT FOGARTY captured the citizens of the world's newest country, in their own words.


5th Anniversary of Independence

FIGS July 2016 Newsletter


S. Sudan cabinet forms committee to determine number of states


The new cabinet of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) in South Sudan has accepted to form a technical committee to review boundaries and determine the number states...


Ibba Girls' Pantoum by Margaret Eddershaw

Published in Riding the Rainbow


Girls Education for Independence

Group of Ibba students

FIGS July 2015 Newsletter


Stories from our diocese


Education for girls in South Sudan

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