Happy 6th Birthday to Ibba Girls' School


"The rights and efforts of every woman must be recognised at all levels. A woman’s intelligence will not be a source of benefit to others while she’s deprived of her rights"
Nagomoro Bridget, Founding Chair, Ibba Girls' School

Today, we celebrate two very special events!

  1. The opening of the school in 2014
  2. The birthday of Nagomoro Bridget, the Founding Chair of Ibba Girls' School

Bridget was the only girl in her village to receive education past the age of 10. Fuelled by a passion for the rights of women and girls, and for the educational opportunities they all deserve, Bridget went on to work for the government and then returned to Western Equatoria State to fulfil her dream of opening a girls' school.

As the world wakes up to the violence, inequalities and prejudice faced by millions because of racial ignorance and bigotry, we wanted to take today to reflect on the courage and bravery of Nagomoro Bridget. She has dedicated her life to amplifying the voices and enhancing the life chances of young women and girls in South Sudan, ranked the toughest place in the world for a girl to get an education. The challenges she faced as a young, black woman growing up in a rural village in South Sudan are endless, but she never let fear or opposition stop her from fighting for what was right.

We wish her a wonderful, happy day and thank her for her inspiration, courage, leadership and commitment to girls' education. The UK-based charity, Friends of Ibba Girls' School, is honoured to support the movement she created by fundraising for the school. The charity covers student fees (all girls are welcome at the school, regardless of their income, background or religion), staff salaries and maintains and develops the school site.

If you'd like to send the school a gift, why not text the word IBBA 6 to 70470* to donate £6 to the school today? Or, you can choose any amount up to the value of £20 by text, or donate here if you'd like to share more.

Find out more about Bridget in the blog she wrote for International Women's Day 2020.

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