CEO message: COVID-19


The President of South Sudan has decreed that all schools in the country should close for 30 days in an effort to delay and manage the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of 27 March, all girls have now left the school, and a skeleton staff is remaining on site.

Girls who are staying with their families and relatives in Ibba village will be able to access the school to borrow books, maintaining social distancing norms, and subject to any further government advice. Remaining perishable food is being distributed to the community, and the rest will be stored.

IGBS students all learn and practise high standards of personal hygiene, including hand-washing. Thanks to the school’s internet connection, staff were able to keep up-to-date with possible symptoms and preventive measures as information became available. The school nurse provided additional training for all students before they went home so that they could explain the need for anti-Covid-19 precautions and routines to their families and local communities.

I continue to keep in regular contact with the school and its senior management team so that FIGS can offer any support needed. It is important that staff salaries can continue to be paid so that their families and dependents are not left to struggle further through this period, and so that we can maintain continuity.

South Sudan is no stranger to public health crises, and as there are currently no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country health officials are adopting stringent precautionary measures to prevent unmanageable demand on its very limited healthcare infrastructure. South Sudan is now the only country in the region with no confirmed cases of Covid-19, and given the limitations of the health system the government is understandably taking serious action to limit the spread of the disease.

We hope that we can all remain connected in this period of distancing and isolation. And we enormously appreciate your reliable commitment and dedication to the well-being of the students and staff at the school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you.

With many thanks and warmest wishes,

Mark Simmons
CEO, Friends of Ibba Girls' School

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