Ibba Celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2018


“Equal participation of women and girls in the fields of science is a critical right and a means by which women can achieve their aspirations in life.” 

The 11th of February marks the third International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Here at FIGS, we believe that women and girls around the world deserve equal opportunities to succeed in all academic fields. The first step towards empowering women to achieve their full potential in science and research is ensuring that they have access to a quality education. At Ibba, fun and simple science lessons give the girls exposure to physics, biology, agriculture and chemistry, planting seeds of inspiration which could, one day, blossom into the career of their dreams. To celebrate this day of Women in Science, let’s look back at some of the science lessons which have been taught at Ibba Girls School over the last 4 years:


Circuits and electricity:

In South Sudan only 1 percent of the population has access to a reliable source of electricity and electricity consumption per capita is the lowest in sub-Saharan Africa. Outside of school, South Sudanese girls are extremely unlikely to have access to a computer. 

Students at Ibba not only have the chance to learn how to use laptops to access educational resources on the internet, but are also starting to understand the physics behind electricity.


Biology and agriculture: 

These photos show Ibba students having a lesson in animal anatomy and planting trees around the school grounds. Such seemingly basic lessons about the natural world provide an important gateway into further education in medicine, engineering and environmental science. South Sudan has only 1 trained physician per 65,574 population, and in 2017 the country fell into a man-made famine; qualified professionals in these areas are seriously lacking. We look forward to a day in the hopefully not too distant future, when South Sudan’s leading botanists, doctors, engineers and researchers are alumni of Ibba Girls School.

As 40 new girls enrol in the school this week, consider making a donation below and joining us in supporting their education. Just £6 a month could give a student all the stationery and textbooks she needs for 2018. 

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