Greeness by Margaret Eddershaw



When I think of Ibba girls, 
they are standing tall
in their cedar green uniforms,
eager as a forest of young trees,
bearing precious, unripe fruit;

encouraged by whispering grass,
hope flickers among them
like the wings of emerald parrots,
and their liana limbs climb
steadily towards the sun;

despite the greenness of youth,
these girls are strong as ebony,
and they can see the ‘green light’
signalling the moment
to turn over new leaves.

- February 2016


Margaret Eddershaw's excellent poetry collection, Riding the Rainbow, is available to buy from Poetry Space website. All proceeds from the sales of this collection will go towards Ibba Girls School, as Margaret and her publisher have generously covered all costs to support our work in South Sudan.

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