The Flickering Lamp - Poems about Florence Nightingale by Margaret Eddershaw

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Florence Nightingale was born in 1820. Here in this celebratory video, Margaret Eddershaw reads and performs her nine poems about Florence. By producing this video, it is hoped that funds will be raised to build a Health Centre at Ibba Girl's School in South Sudan. The poems are interpolated with a biographical narrative read by Keith Sturgess.


The Flickering Lamp

Nightingale extd photocard

FIGS Trustee, Margaret Eddershaw, writes about her upcoming video of poems celebrating Florence Nightingale, in support of health care provision at Ibba Girls' Boarding School.


Teach, Teach, Teach the Acts of Peace


A thought-provoking poem from Edward Bond, reproduced here on the anniversary of the final, most devastating, air raids over London and Berlin in WWII.


CDs, Poetry and Embroidery: Exciting Merchandise Coming Your Way


Click for details of the music CD by Ibba Girls School students coming your way in early March -- as well as a poetry collection and the embroidery from a South Sudanese women's collective!


Greeness by Margaret Eddershaw

Margaret Eddershaw, poet and one of FIGS' strongest supporters celebrates #WEARITGREEN with a heartfelt poem.

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