Nagomoro Bridget's Scholarship Fund


As many of you know, the founder of Ibba Girls School, Bridget Nagomoro is currently in the UK studying for her Masters in Development Management with The Open University.

The main focus of Bridget’s determination continues to be to improve the education of girls in South Sudan. She has been instrumental in encouraging girls in the Ibba and Western Equatoria region to go to Ibba Girls School. As you know many different factors keep girls out of school; some are married as young as 12, and decades of civil war have made education difficult; leaving nine out of ten girls illiterate.

Right now, we currently have 130 girls at Ibba Girls School, but we want to enroll 360 students in the next few years. It’s a huge leap forward, and The Open University’s MSc in Development Management will provide Bridget with more of the key skills to deliver a high-quality education, find sponsors for the girls and expand the school. Each stage she completes – certificate, diploma and then the full MSc – will provide Bridget with even better tools with which to change more lives.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and interest; as Ibba School’s most generous supporters you have been absolutely crucial in getting the school to this point. I hope you can join us in taking the school to the next stage. If everyone who receives this e-mail gives just £2.00 we will raise the £11,274 needed to fund Bridget’s scholarship and continue to make a difference to the young girls that need it most. 

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