CDs, Poetry and Embroidery: Exciting Merchandise Coming Your Way



A music CD by girls of Ibba School was recorded in November 2017 to celebrate the girls’ indigenous culture, enable them to create publicity and help raise money for their school. All production costs have been covered by free services from designers and technicians, and the cost of printing by the producer. Thus, all money paid for the CD will benefit the school.

ZANDE features 40 girls from Ibba School singing their traditional folk songs with drum accompaniment. Ten songs are in local languages and one song, in honour of Bridget Nagomoro, the founder of the school, was composed by the girls themselves.

Listen to these wonderful young singers and drummers and be transported to joyful Africa!

Available to order from the FIGS website this March for just £10 (including postage). Email [email protected] to register your interest now.


Riding the Rainbow - Images of Africa

by Margaret Eddershaw


“No matter where her poems are set, what shines through each one is a strongly-held sense of our common humanity, and an awareness of the beauty of our shared world.”

This collection of poems was published in 2015 specifically to promote support for Ibba Girls School. 100% of the money paid goes to the school via FIGS.

Copies are available for just £5 at

Lydia Women's Co-operative 

Saint Lydia was born during the first century in Thyatira, an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor, now the modern Turkish city of Akhisar. The town was long famous for its dye works, especially for red/purple dye made from madder root.  Lydia means ‘purple seller’. She was St. Paul's first convert at Philippi. (See Acts 16: 14)

Lydia Women’s Co-Operative is formed of fifteen women, brought together by membership of the Mother’s Union and love of their traditional embroidery. Working under the guidance of Asunta Abdallah Mbake, they are creating colourful bedcovers, large and small tablecloths, cushion-covers and aprons. 

The project started in January, 2018 and is sponsored by a FIGS Trustee. As the project develops, it is intended that the women will teach embroidery at the girls’ school and have the opportunity to attend classes themselves.

Keep your eyes peeled: the Co-operative plans to sell its works in the UK and the women will receive all monies from sales.

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