Share in Julliana’s hope this Easter!


A big thank-you to all of you who responded quickly to our call to Pledge for Parity on 8th March 2016, International Women’s Day, by sponsoring girl students at Ibba Girls School.

This may seem like a drop in the ocean of need. However, with just 2,000 girls in the final grade of secondary education across the whole of South Sudan, every single girl student who is supported to continue their learning changes lives, increases opportunities – and promotes gender parity in South Sudan.

We are aiming to find donors to support each and every one of Ibba school’s (current) 120 girl students. In particular there is the new Primary Level 4 cohort of 40 girl students including Julliana, on whose hopeful faces you can see a tremendous hunger to learn.

In this part of war-weary South Sudan, Ibba Girls Boarding School may well be these girls’ best means of completing primary and secondary education, and graduating with a School Certificate at age 18.

This Easter, please choose to start a Student Sponsorship, standing in solidarity with these girl students as they start down their long hard road to hope, and enabling a brighter future for their country.

If you would like to become a Student Sponsor, please sign up online or by post to give £27 a month (about the cost of a mobile phone subscription), and support a girl to live and to learn at Ibba Girls Boarding School today.

If £27 a month is beyond your reach, monthly donations of £5, £10, or whatever you are able to afford, are also very helpful. Sign up online or by post.

Thank you very much for all your generous support. We wish all Friends of Ibba Girls School a very happy Easter!

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