Paul Blog #3: Hoeing & planting


Its the start of the planting season as the rain has softened the ground so hoeing can be undertaken. In the fields around Ibba men and women are breaking up the ground with their jembe's. At the school the staff have been cultivating their allocated plots of land often bringing in outside labour to assist. Yesterday the girls helped Director Studies Vicky plant ground nuts, one girl would jembe's a hole and the following girl drops in a nut. 

Following a week of exhaustive exams the girls were treated to film night. Freshly flown in from the UK was the film 'Mr Bean goes on holiday'. A perfect show, lots of laughter and shrieks. The visiting U.K. team ran afternoon activities session ranging from board games, knitting, reading, computers, bracelet making and drawing. They were overwhelmed with the demand.

The long awaited Governors meeting took place today, Richard the Headteacher worked very hard to ensure a good attendance. The agenda focused on the planned new buildings and the formation of sub-groups.

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