Paul Blog #4: Rain does not stop play


It was back to normal lessons following exam week.  Fabiano's science lesson on clouds was fortunately supported by numerous cloud types in the sky above.  It was pleasing to see that Fabiano had used a number of the teaching techniques demonstrated by the UK teachers in the training sessions in the previous week.

The girls afternoon football training session was begun professionally with a jog around the field followed by exercises. The match started well with a rainbow of football shirts flying across the field; then it happened. The heavens opened and heavy stair rod rain pounded the earth for well over 45 minutes.  The Headteacher was told by the players when he suggested it was time to finish  that "the rules say that once a game has started it has to go on until the end"; and so it did.

Earlier in the afternoon the support staff were given a first aid training session by Julia. Simon the School Assistant gave a Shakespearean performance of a man getting burned while Kefe made a perfect unconscious body.

The evening was rounded off with rousing choruses of Nelli the elephant and the Grand old duke of York supported by exaggerated actions.

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