Paul Blog #2: A noisy lesson


It's 3.15 in the afternoon and the English lesson with support staff, cooks, cleaners, security personal, groundsman and matron is about to start.  Paul rounds up the the remaining few one of whom is tending a large blaze as dead vegetation is burnt off in preparation for cultivation and planting.  As soon as Sue (visiting UK teacher) gets started on the topic of greetings a thunderous downpour hits the school. The hammering of the rain coupled with cracks of thunder tests Sue's ability to make her self heard.  As Sue raises her volume it appears that the rain responds by increasing its intensity.  The quiet whisper of 'How are you" now evolved into a shouting bawling match.  Such is the challenge of teaching and learning in the tropics.  Finally the storm subsides into a more gentle rain and progress on  speaking English is embraced by thoughs presents.

A few days earlier it was  Paul's turn to work with the teaching staff on how to develop lesson planning.  The staff were encouraged to behave as school pupils and try out some of the learning activities designed to develop understanding.  Richard the head teacher was particularly competitive when pitched against the younger teachers in a memory sketching game.

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