Zebra House emerges triumphant in this term's Music, Dance & Drama Competition on Parent Visitation Day


This term's Music, Dance and Drama Competition took place on Parent Visitation Sunday, with a good number of the girl students' parents turning out for their daughters' performances. To show support, some parents who found it difficult to travel from less accessible counties sent friends in their stead. 

Joyful reunions with loved ones were followed by a time of sitting under the trees, discussing with the classroom teacher and their daughter how she had fared in recent school tests, and what could be done to improve in the next round. The girls are remarkably diligent and keen to learn all that they can.

Despite some rain, a Music, Dance and Drama competition followed. Parents and invited guests watched raptly from the veranda as the girls sang, danced and acted their hearts out in the drizzle.


Soon the results were in: Zebra House had come top, followed by Tiger and Elephant respectively. The winners received the prize of a he-goat with pride, and everyone was encouraged by the Ibba County Commissioner, our VIP, to stay in school until the successful completion of their studies at Senior Level 4. 

We would like to congratulate Zebra House on their first class efforts - and thank all who attended, whether parents, friends, local leaders, or staff and students, for their continuing support of Ibba Girls Boarding School.

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