Vaida's Story


Vaida is now in her penultimate year of primary education at IGBS. Here, she shares some of her experiences, particularly the difference between IGBS and her previous school.

I am from Ibba County, where my father is a secondary teacher and my mother is a support staff member.

At home, I used to wake up early to sweep the compound, wash the dishes and prepare myself for school. Our home was just beside the school. I liked that if I didn’t understand something, the teachers would explain it for me, but the bad thing was the beating. In my previous school, there was no breakfast for the students to eat. I used to go home during break and lunch to look for something to eat.

I heard about IGBS when it was announced at church. I decided I should join a boarding school. In my previous school, most of the girls got pregnant before their age, so by joining a boarding school I will be safe from early pregnancy. I like that we have matrons who care for us at IGBS. We have police and watchmen who make sure we are safe at night. Also, we are well fed and treated when we are sick.

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