Rahama's Story


Having joined Ibba Girls Boarding School as a student in its first cohort back in 2014, Rahama is now in her penultimate year of primary education there. Here, she shares some of her experiences, particularly what she has learnt so far. 

I come from Yambio County. My parents are smallholding farmers and I have one sister.

Last year at Ibba Girls Boarding School, the best things for me last year were the sports, and learning, especially reading, writing and speaking English. Though I also found understanding and speaking English hard. I also remember learning about the earth and the eight planets in science.

I was happy to go home to my family during the long holiday. When I was at home my mother cooked for me a very nice meal.

I told my parents about life at IGBS, that there is a good learning experience here. In my old school, I couldn’t read, write or speak English. But at IGBS we are speaking in English. I also taught my younger sister spelling. My parents felt very happy and my mother said she is expecting me to be the one who will change their life in future.

At home before coming back to school, my plan was to study very hard this year and stop joking so much so that I can perform better in class.

To come back to IGBS, we travelled with my uncle on a motorbike and spent one day to reach the school compound. When I got back to school I was very happy.

My favourite subject is Science. The hardest subject is English grammar. This year I have been learning about the rotation of the earth around the sun in science and in Christian Religious Education, about the Ten Commandments. I like to play football and study after school.

I am enjoying this year because I am always getting best marks in all the tests. This makes me feel that I am really making progress.

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