Queen Moses's Story


Queen Moses first joined Ibba Girls Boarding School as a student in 2016. Here is some brief insight into her experience here, and her life beforehand.

I am from a village named Napere where I live with my mother, younger brother and two sisters. My father has died and my mother works in a tourist hotel in Yambio.

Before coming to Ibba Girls School my life was relatively good, it only took me 15 minutes to get to my old school. I liked the good teaching but I disliked the punishment and beatings.

When I heard about IGBS from my mother I decided to go because I saw a change in my friends who came before me. My mother sent me for my education and I travelled for three hours to get here.

I like being in class by 8am everyday, and the best thing is the group studies. I have learnt about map reading, cleaning the school compound, using a compass, water vapour, evaporation and many other things. I enjoy eating, washing my clothes and bathing. My best friend is Alice.

Being at IGBS will help me to speak good English and learn how to be smart, then I would like to go to secondary school and become a teacher.

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