July 2018 Newsletter: The Hills Are Alive!


With almost 200 girls now in residency at Ibba Girls School, the newly constructed assembly hall is being put to good use. No more eating meals on the classroom verandas, gone are the days when Sunday worship had to take place under a tree, and the full complement of girls can no longer squeeze into a classroom to watch the Friday night film. The hall's half-open sides provide plenty of fresh air, so even packed with people it's not too hot for a film night, but that also means it has no wall on which to screen a film. Undeterred, security guards Yepete, Michael and Keffa helped to construct a hanging screen from a bedsheet, some string and bamboo poles! But what was to be the first night’s blockbuster film? A cartoon? A documentary? Film night always starts with something educational, so the evening opened with a lovely short film from Unicef entitled "what makes me happy", but then?...

With its five Oscars and record box office takings for a musical, it had to be ‘The Sound of Music’! During the following week the classrooms resonated with snippets of 'Doe, a deer', so on the next film night, before viewing the second half of the film, two hundred girls sang – with all the actions – the film’s best-known musical number.

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