July 2018 Newsletter: Ibba Secondary


Congratulations to Ibba’s first cohort, who take their end-of-primary exams at the end of this year, a very exciting milestone for the school! All the P8 girls are looking forward to continuing on at Ibba Girls’ Boarding School for the four-year secondary school stream, and the South Sudanese government has released the new curriculum just in time. This includes options for vocational as well as academic courses, providing an opportunity to develop further the school’s land so that the girls can learn an important practical subject while also growing food for the school. We have already appointed some teachers who can teach to secondary level, and hope to appoint two more teachers before the beginning of the new school year. The opening of the secondary school will require new classrooms and dormitories, and we hope to break ground for these buildings at the end of October.

Ibba Girls’ Boarding School costs £6.99 per girl per day in 2018, the price of a holiday paperback or a bottle of wine. 42% of this is for capital expenditure, 28% for staffing, 18% for food and other running costs and 8% for fundraising. These are all priorities for the school, particularly as we prepare for the secondary stream. Thanks to a pledge of £45,000 from a corporate foundation (75% for capital expenditure and 25% for staffing costs), all donations up to this amount will be matched through August. Thank you for helping us to meet this target.

With fewer than 1% of girls in South Sudan completing secondary education, the need is enormous – but so is the impact, even of one small school.

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