Budding entrepreneurs aged 10 sell stationery in aid of Ibba


Budding entrepreneurs Lila and Danya, both aged 10, recently organised themselves to sell recycled pens to children in their Year 5 group at Brunswick Primary School, to fund school supplies for the students of Ibba Girls Boarding School, South Sudan.

Lila first heard about Ibba School from her dad, who works in South Sudan, and told her best friend Danya. They became interested in the issues facing girls in South Sudan at the age of 10, which is how old they are — and the age at which many South Sudanese girls begin to drop out of school due to health and security concerns, poor educational standards, pressures to marry early, and domestic and childcare duties. They were keen to support the girl students at Ibba Girls Boarding School, who enrol from age 10 onwards to receive a high-quality education in a safe, caring residential environment, with the support of their parents.

The enterprising duo spoke to the other children in their year group during an assembly, and advertised their campaign on posters throughout the school. They saw a great result, with everyone “being really helpful making donations and buying lots of our stationery”.

Lila and Danya were delighted to raise — and we were thrilled to receive — £25.62 in donations from their efforts. These funds will now provide the school supplies needed for 10-year-old Ibba girl students to learn skills to thrive as entrepreneurs, and to contribute to the future development of South Sudan. 

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