A BIG Thank You!


We would like to extend a huge 'thank you!' to all of these Friends of Ibba Girls School, who have made it possible for 120 South Sudanese girls to continue their education in a safe, healthy environment.


We are warmly grateful for generous annual support and big gifts from a number of family trusts, foundations, individuals and churches, including:

Bonavero family A B Charitable Trust
Christ the King RC Church, Coventry
Margaret Eddershaw and Keith Sturgess
Jean Hartley and John Benington
Deus Laudamus Trust
Joyce Carr Doughty Trust
Evenlode Vale Churches – who have adopted Ibba as the 8th parish in its Benefice !
Horne Family Charitable Foundation
Patrick McKenna Charitable Trust
St Nicolas Church Nottingham
Hugh and Eleanor Paget
Eric and Joanne Shepley
West Orchard URC Church, Coventry
Zhejiang Wonder Public Foundation


Anonymous £750
Anonymous £75
Anonymous £75
Gina Abbe
Ann Adams
Ron Adamson
Lynne Amery
Liz Armstrong
Camilla Aston
Fiona Attwood 
Norma Baldwin 
Anthony Batty 
John and Janet Bausor 
Paul and Sarah Bennett 
M A Benson 
Peter Bickmore 
Jon Bloomfield 
Margaret Bond 
Cynthia Bower 
David and Sheila Bridge 
Joyce and Lee Bridges 
Virginia (Ginny) Burdis 
Melvyn Cairns 
Rev Nathan Charles 
Simon Clarke 
Pat Coleman 
Rev Barrie and Elaine Cooke 
Cotswold Wives Fellowship 
Andrew Coulson 
David Cowdery 
Catherine (Kate) Crow 
Cedric Cullingford 
Rachel Cunynghame 
Vanessa Curry 
Rev E A Dady 
Mark Dancer 
Peter Davis 
Andrew Day 
Peter Dixon 
David Donnison 
Richard and Caroline Faircliff 
Debbie, Hattie and Andrew - via Cally Feichtinger 
Paul and Jean Fisher 
David and Pat Frederickson 
John Friend 
Jen Garner 
Lucy Gaster 
Donald Gifford 
John Gilbert 
Norman Ginsburg 
Emma Hallett 
Donald Harris 
Polly Haslam 
Sarah Cooke and David Haslam 
Christine Hepburn 
Erica Higgins 
Sam and Ann Hood 
Catherine Hoskyns 
Oliver Howarth 
Susan Hunt 
Alison Jewell 
Ernest Johnson 
Irene Kavallieratos 
Kindness Initiative 
Susan Kingswell 
Serena Lancaster
Elizabeth Lewis
Pamela Lomoro 
Mark and Deborah Mallett 
Stella Manzie 
Stephen D Moss CBE 
William and Dilys Neill 
Susan Nock 
David Ogden 
Andrew Packe 
Cally and Vanda Palmer 
Michael Passey 
Solomon Picciotto 
Michael Pidd 
Richard Pinder 
Pat Ramsell 
Stewart Ranson 
Mike Rigby 
Nancy Rogers 
Linda and Stephen Rowley 
Adrian Rutter 
Julia and Paul Sanders 
Peter Saunders 
Jennifer Sawyer 
Shepley family 
Mark Simmons 
David Skinner 
Rachel Stonehouse 
John and Mary Twidell 
Daniel Tyrer 
John Ward 
Roy Warden 
Steven Watson 
Robin and Sue Wensley 
Rupert Wesson 
Hugh Williams 
Martin and Sue Williams 
Celia Willis 
David Winkley 
John and Ricarda Witcombe 
Beverley Wright 
Robert Zara

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