Welcome Pamela Lomoro to the FIGS UK Board of Trustees


Pamela has a Doctorate in materials and mechanical engineering from Liverpool and Leeds Universities, and currently works as a subsea engineer in the oil and gas industry.

Born in Juba in the late 70’s to educated South Sudanese and Ugandan parents in a large family, she attended a fee paying catholic nursery and primary school in the earlier years of the second civil war. Pamela’s parents heavily emphasised and encouraged equally their male and female children to pursue excellence in education.

When in the late 80’s the civil war intensified, Juba bore the brunt of intense artillery shelling, general insecurity and food scarcity. During this time Pamela and her mother were able to escape the fighting and find refuge in the UK where her mother had studied during the 50’s, leaving behind her siblings and her father. 

Growing up in East London to a single mother and being separated from the rest of her immediate family had a profound impact on Pamela, channelling her energy instead into studies and competitive athletics (including marathon running)   

In 2004 at the dawn of the peace agreement that ended 21 years of the civil war, Pamela travelled to South Sudan for the first time since leaving as a child, where the late SPLM/SPLA leader, Dr John Garang impressed upon her the significance of the diaspora skills and education in rebuilding South Sudan.

This trip marked the beginning of her personal journey towards promoting education initiatives in South Sudan.. Recently she has been appointed a Trustee of the UK based girls’ education charity, Friends of Ibba Girls School, South Sudan (FIGS).

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