A Season of New Possibilities (Newsletter May 2022)

2022 Mentoring Session

Heavy rainfall will soon refresh the lush, green campus of Ibba Girls' Boarding School. Those are not the only signs of vibrant life and new possibility arriving at IGBS; the girl students have returned for the start of a milestone academic year, when for the first time there are students in all four secondary year groups.


Trekking across the Sahara Desert in Coventry War Memorial Park

War Memorial Park

Join us at Coventry War Memorial Park on 18 August and 27 August between 15.00 and 19.00 and help us along our virtual trek from Coventry to South Sudan


Fun FIGS stay-at-home fundraisers

Alice donovan rouse z9 F y K4 Nmf8 unsplash

We launch three new fun fundraising campaigns you can do from home during the Covid-19 pandemic


Pamela Cycles for Ibba


On Sunday 29th July over 25,000 amateur cyclists will follow a hundred-mile course throughout the city of London and surrounding countryside. Amongst these will be our very own trustee, Pamela Lomoro.


Education cannot wait!

IGBS students waving

In this issue of FIGS February 2018 Newsletter, we celebrate the start of the 5th year of Ibba Girls Boarding School.


Halfway there: A celebration and two simple actions


Great news: Thanks to your fantastic generosity, the Big Give 2017 has so far raised over £64,000 for Ibba Girls Boarding School.


Shout out for Ibba

Ibba School Girls

Join our 'Thunderclap' on Facebook and Twitter


Double your donation via the Big Give from 12pm Tuesday 29th November!


Last year we raised £54,000 for Ibba Girls School through the Big Give matched funding campaign. This year we aim to raise a similar sum for the 2017-18 cohorts of new students...


Fundraising News

Progress Report from Chernise Neo, Feb 2016

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