July 2018 Newsletter: Joseph Lagu Foundation


General Joseph Lagu was leader of the South Sudan Liberation Movement and a key author and signatory of the Addis Ababa agreement, signed under the auspices of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1972 and a harbinger of peace to South Sudan for over a decade. His son Jacob is one of our trustees, and with his wife Suha has been a key supporter of FIGS since its inception. FIGS was honoured to be represented by Hon Bridget Nagomoro and trustee and friend Margaret Eddershaw at the launch of the Joseph Lagu Foundation in London on 26 May. Their presentation of the importance and impact of Ibba Girls’ Boarding School in the development of this new nation, as a practical example of making a difference, was very well received. FIGS looks forward to continued friendship with the Foundation and the Lagu family.

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