July 2018 Newsletter: Ibba Visitation Day


Visitation Day is held once a term and is a wonderful opportunity to connect with parents and guardians update them on the girls' progress. This term's Visitation Day was held on Saturday 21st July 2018, and headteacher Richard Aluma sent this report.

Due to the absence of telecommunication networks in Ibba County, a reminder to parents was aired through Yambio FM and Maridi FM radio stations. There was good turn-out from our parents/guardians from Ibba and Maridi counties, but due to the serious insecurity along the road from Yambio, almost all parents from Yambio and Nzara counties could not come. For those who could make it, it was a wonderful reunion nearly 8 weeks into the new term.


The results of the mid-term exams were released and discussed by the class teachers and our students and parents.

Our school management appreciates so much the increasingly positive attitude of our parents towards supporting their daughters to stay at school, rather than pushing them towards early marriage which is still so common here. It was clear that the girls' education is seen more and more to benefit their siblings' and family's education and well-being.

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