International Day of Women and Girls in Science


Science, education and gender equality are all vital to the success of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and these are all celebrated on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science today.

Science is a core subject across the primary and secondary curricula in South Sudan, and we are delighted that girl students at Ibba Girls’ Boarding School have two excellent science teachers to teach and empower them. Mr Dumba James joined us last year and Mr Kenyi Anthony is new to the team this year, as the secondary stream at IGBS gets underway.

Will you help prepare the next generation of #WomenInScience in South Sudan?


Seba, Alice and Rhoda are 15, 16 and 11 respectively. They a­­re all passionate about science and their performance is outstanding. They would all like to be doctors, and Seba has already had an opportunity to conduct community health surveys. She loved her time working in local villages and looks forward to saving lives in the future.

Their experience and enthusiasm now needs to be matched with equipment, and we are looking specifically for thermometers, molecular structure models, scales, circuit building equipment, microscopes and slides, and hand lenses. A weather station and a data projector would also help with the teaching of science and across the curriculum.

At the same time we are working with a network of UK schools to develop projects for UK students that would help to deliver the science curriculum in South Sudan. One challenge is how to heat chemicals without access to gas for Bunsen burners, perhaps by generating methane from waste – which is also a renewable energy source.

Top Performers

Results were published today for the nationwide primary school leaving certificate which IGBS’ first-ever cohort sat at the end of November, and we are very proud to announce that the 6 best scorers in the country were all from Ibba Girls’ Boarding School. Please continue to support them and the school as they embark on their secondary school careers, and in particular today as they deepen their knowledge of the sciences.

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