Ibba Impressions: New Buildings, New Possibilities


The school’s four dormitories are now home to 191 girls, although initially designed to hold only 40 girls each. 

Despite being simple and spartan, the dorms bear touches of homeliness – an individually-embroidered sheet here, a book there – and are clean and pleasant. Nonetheless, the space is at full capacity, in the oldest and smallest there is no room between the bunk beds, and by the beginning of 2019, the school will have 240 girl students including its first-ever secondary cohort. We urgently need to raise £75,000 to match the support offered again this year by the Zhejiang Wonder Public Foundation, so that we can build a new dormitory this year.


The school multi-purpose hall was funded by a generous and anonymous donation. It is a light and airy structure, with half-height walls and pillars supporting a pitched zinc roof. It is used as a dining room, a debating chamber, a chapel, an assembly room, a theatre, and a classroom. The school hopes to install a rainwater harvesting system to collect water from its roof, as well as the dorm roofs, for use with laundry and cleaning. The existing borehole and solar-powered pump doesn't work well in the rainy season, when water has to be pumped by hand and carried around the campus in buckets.

There is also a need for a new latrine block, new kitchen facilities which can cope with the increased numbers and the need to reduce the reliance on charcoal, and a science lab for the new secondary school. As the school continues to grow, there will be a need by 2020 for a new classroom block as well as more staff accommodation. Your early support helps us to plan these further in advance and ensure that we get the best deal possible and that buildings are completed on time. Thank you so much again.

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