Ibba Girls School opens its doors to another 43 girls


An additional group of 43 girls started Primary 4 at IGBS as planned at the start of the new school year in February, as last year’s P4 group moves up into P5 – making 83 girls in total for Year 2, another of the annual stepping stones towards our goal of 360 girls by 2022.

Word is fast getting around that IGBS is an inspiring school, with imaginative teaching and high quality facilities (spacious classrooms and dormitories, solar powered water, electricity, satellite internet etc).

So there is now strong competition for the 40+ Primary 4 places each year. However, it is not first come, first served. IGBS aims to provide opportunities to those with the best potential to learn, whatever their background, status or income. 

So in January we sent a team of IGBS staff out into all the counties and villages of Western Equatoria State, to meet families, interview applicants and carry out a basic English and Maths test. 

When these new students arrived to register at the school on Feb 14 and 15 Yoane and Julia (Acting Head until Richard’s arrival) asked their parents or relatives to make a small contribution to the school costs (in cash or kind – eg goats), and to make a formal commitment to support their daughter’s schooling for the full 9 years from Primary 4 right through to Senior 4 (by shielding them from the competing pressures from domestic work, child care, early marriage and pregnancy).  

This personal commitment by the girls and their families shows in their thirst to learn – not only in the classroom work, but also in the after school activities, and the life in the dormitory and the school community.

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