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Rejoice joined Ibba Girls' School in 2014. When she first came, she did not know how to read and write. She is Head Girl at Ibba Girls' School and was the highest scoring candidate of the year in the National Examinations throughout South Sudan. She recently wrote this story for us, sharing her experience:

My name is Rejoice . I joined Ibba Girls’ Boarding School (IGBS) in 2014. I did not know how to read and write. I have learnt many things from the school ranging from leadership, discipline, subject knowledge and good hygiene practices. I have been in two different roles of prefect in the school, Academic Prefect (2015-2018) in Primary and the School’s Head Girl (2019) in Secondary.

I sat my primary leaving examination in the year 2018, where I led all the schools in Maridi state in mock examinations. This result encouraged me to work even harder. I was the highest scoring candidate of the year in the National Examinations throughout South Sudan which showed to the country that girls can have great achievements.

I feel very happy and proud about my school, Ibba Girls’ Boarding School, because if I was in another School, my results would not have been what they are. I also help my community in that I have worked twice with different NGOs collecting data on nutrition. My work in January involved registering the old, the most poor, orphans and people with disabilities, so that they could be given blankets, saucepans and spoons. I always get these opportunities because they know my capabilities, and this comes from the knowledge I get from IGBS.

I have promised to finish my senior school at IGBS and also do wonders in my final exams. I thank all the donors for supporting my education.


An education at Ibba Girls' Boarding School, in a safe environment conducive to learning, is key to transforming the life chances of girls and young women like Rejoice, and to impacting future generations.

IGBS has so far been able to welcome 220 girl students to the school (as of Summer 2019). But to keep providing the quality of education that these girls need, in a safe, caring environment, we are asking you to help us by donating whatever you can.


Rejoice and her friends will only be children once - they can’t be kept waiting for a good education that might or might not come along.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]; you may also like to view our short film about the school here. Please partner with us to empower the girls and young women of South Sudan.

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